Why choose WINDO air track?
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Why choose WINDO air track?
Following are air track advantage:
1.High quality 0.9mm DWF material,strong enough and good elasticity
2.Hand made,fine details than machine made,better quality
3.Newest Valve,inflate fast and deflate slow
4.Newest handle,better appearance and enough strong
5.Warnings on the mat,more professional and safe for users

Tips about when you have problems for using air track

1.My air track is slowly lowing air.What do i do?
It is not unusual for air track to need a regulation of pressure. In particular, when using it outdoors, you may need to adjust the pressure several times a day. This is not because it is leaking; it is simply a law of nature (hot air takes up more space than cold air).
For example, if you pump up your air track in cloudy weather, the pressure will rise if the sun comes out. The reverse is also true – the air track will lose pressure if pumped up in the sunshine and then the sun goes away. This may seem a lot when going from a hot summer day to a cool night, so don’t worry that it’s leaking – it isn’t.
If the air track loses an unusually high amount of pressure the problem is with the valve and it being too loose. Try to fasten it as tight as possible with the valve tool which came with the repair kit.

2.My electric pump is on but not blowing any air.
The electric pump can be used both ways to inflate and deflate the Air Track. Try to attach the hose to other end of the pump and see if it's blowing air then.

3.The air is quickly discharged through the valve.
There is a small spring loaded button/pin in the middle of the valve. In some cases it might get stuck in the bottom. Try to press it and it should get back to its top position and close the airflow.

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