How to Customize Your Own Floating Dock/Island?
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How to Customize Your Own Floating Dock/Island?
According to different usage scenarios, most of Floating Dock/Island needs to be customized. But not every client has its own design team. Our factory has a professional design team, which can complete the design according to customer requirements.

P.S. The design drawings made for the customer from United Kingdom

Step 1 : Confirm the dimensions, color and attachments ( air valves, handles, EVA pads, D-rings, warning, etc.)
Step 2 : The design department completes the first draft, check with the client and adjust some details.
Step 3 : Determine the final drawings and arrange the production.

WINDO is an OEM manufacturer & supplier of the products made of drop stitch and PVC materials. Our design team can make the drawings according to customer requirements, and WINDO's business covers many countries around the word. We have a complete sales system and are committed to using our professional knowledge and first-class service to help customers complete the customized solutions.
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