Inflatable Water Park Outdoor Pvc Camping Floating Platform Dock Beach Tent
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Pvc Inflatable Water Floating Dock
Water floating tent
D-Rings on the tent body sides allow for easy anchor attachment.
The tents are anchored to the shore and each other to prevent them from floating downstream.

The water floating tent is an innovative outdoor equipment that combines tents with floating equipment so that people can enjoy camping experience on the water.
The water floating tent adopts a special design and structure, usually made of waterproof and durable materials,
such as reinforced nylon/polyester fiber, PVC, etc.; it can be inflated to float on the water and maintain a stable balance.
Users can rest and sleep in the tent and enjoy the fun of water camping; the water platform is durable and wind-resistant, and can resist wind and fluctuations.

Water floating tents can usually be folded and stowed conveniently, making them easy to carry and store.
Suitable for various water activities such as lake camping, water skiing, fishing or adventure exploration.
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