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Inflatable Flying Fish Tube
Water flying fish is an exciting and fun-filled water sports equipment that allows people to experience a feeling similar to flying on the water.

Using a jet-fish usually requires a propulsion, usually a speedboat or jet-ski; the jet-fish is connected to the speedboat by a rope and the speed on the water provides the propulsion.
When the speedboat accelerates, the person on the water flying fish pedal can use the lift force of the airfoil structure to rise from the water surface and glide in the air.
Flying fish usually have good stability and safety design. The footrests are wide and buoyant enough to provide stable balance.
In addition, users can wear life jackets and other necessary safety equipment to ensure safety during operation.

Water flying fish is suitable for all kinds of waters, such as lakes, rivers and oceans.
It can be used as an outdoor recreational activity, and can also be used for water sports competitions and performances.
Since jet skis require propulsion to take off, they are often combined with speedboats or jet skis.
The Inflatable Flying Fish Towable is applicable fashion used on the beach sports. It is made of 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin,
its structure is airtight with a lot of handles you can drag it behind the yacht to have the exciting sport feeling.

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