Inflatable water park inflatable yacht slide for boat
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Inflatable Dock Floating Water Slide For Boat
Inflatable Dock Slide For Boat Floating Water Slide With Pool

Water inflatable yacht slides are usually made of durable materials with good stability and load-bearing capacity.
Convenient to inflate and deflate, easy to install on a yacht; easy to carry and store, perfect for travel and vacation.
The pvc inflatable yacht slide is suitable for all types of yachts, whether it is a large yacht or a small yacht.
These inflatable slides attach to the main deck or highest level of the vessel, and descend into the sea.

·UV resistant--you could use it outdoor and color wont fade away.
·Super reinforced--durable for great pressure after tumbling or jumping.
·Bravo valve-- with great airtight feature, not easy to lose air.
·Laminated finish---looks bright and beautiful from apperance.
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